Fleas Fleas and More Fleas! Identify and Eliminate Them!

Flea Control is a process that can last weeks to months. You can use natural methods, conventional methods, or a combination of the two; all of which can be found here on BeFleaFree. Fleas are usually carried into the house from vectors such as Buddy, your pet dog, or even Allen, your best friend. Don’t rule out fleas just because your house doesn’t give shelter to any dogs, cats, or other pets. My flea infested house has always been pet free! Here are a couple basic things to do during your process of flea proofing your home. (Most of which are covered in more detail on their respective pages)

Fleas Fleas and More Fleas! Identify and Eliminate Them

Identify fleas in your house

  • small black wingless bugs that love to jump. Usually bite around the legs with multiple bites in proximity.

Control fleas on your pet

  • proper diet, periodic flea removal, and proper use of flea treatments for the yard and in the house.

Frequent vacuuming

  • use a flea killing product in the vacuum bag and empty bag to outside garbage to prevent reinfestation.

Set Flea Traps

  • easy to make with common household items. Helps identify fleas and also lower flea count.

Diatomaceous earth, Borax, and other powders on floors and in crevices

  • punctures fleas and dehydrates them. Creates an unfavorable flea environment, lowering flea population.

Flea bombs, foggers, and sprays

  • Look for products with both pyrethrins and methoprene, which targets multiple stages of the flea life cycle. Follow safety instructions closely.

Contact your local pest exterminator

  • they are trained proffessionals that give you the best bet at any type of pest control.

Continue to learn flea control!

  • What are fleas? Different flea life cycles are prone to different flea control methods. Knowing which ones are effective for each cycle and how to end it are neccessary to rid your house of fleas.

Just listed was a very basic outline of what needs to be done to identify and keep blood sucking fleas from feeding on your pets and your family members. Continue surfing through BeFleaFree.com to learn more!

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