How To Get Rid of Fleas

Flea control can be achieved through a combination of techniques and products. Because of the differing characteristics of each flea stage, large reproductive rates, and the ability to survive for months without feeding, ridding your house of fleas can be very enduring and difficult. Using different methods to target every stage of their cycle will be needed. Also, a tight schedule of flea control until at least several cycles are through is a must. It can take weeks to months, but is definitely worth the fight. If you need some extra help in your war against fleas, there are many professional pest exterminators out there that can help you.

How To Get Rid of Fleas

How to rid your house of fleas:

1). Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!
-One of the most important things you can do. Vacuuming will remove all four stages of the flea life cycle. Remember to add some type of flea powder to the bag and discard the vacuum bag outside of your house to prevent reinfestation.

2). Use flea bombs and sprays.
-Follow the directions on the container stating how often you should use them.

3). Set flea traps.
-Set a light source above either a saucer of soapy water or sticky pad. Fleas will jump towards the light and fall to their deaths.

4). Sprinkle natural diatomaceous earth, borax, and/or salt in crevices and hard to reach areas.
-There are different grades of these powders, be sure to use home safe ones. These powders work by either puncturing or dehydrating the fleas.

5). Flea nematodes.
-These are microscopic worms that feed on flea larvae. You can purchase these at pet and garden stores and place them in dark and moist areas around your lawn. Flea nematodes can effectively reduce the flea population around your house with proper use.

Tip). When spotting a flea, simply smashing it with your fingers will not work. Either use the back of your finger nails, an ointment or gel, or simply throw them into soapy water. They have a very hard exoskeleton, which makes them very hard to kill. Also, they are able to jump out of regular water, so be sure to use water containing some type of soap or detergent.

Good luck on your path to being flea free. If your house is still infested after trying all of these, your best bet may be to contact a local proffessional pest exterminator. They are trained for pest infestations and have the tools needed to protect your home.

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