Natural Remedies for Bites from Fleas and Flea Control

Looking for ways to get rid of fleas without poisons or chemicals? Here are a few alternatives.

How To Get Rid of Fleas

For Pets

Balanced Diet and Excercise

Good overall health is the best defense against fleas. By keeping your pet healthy, they are able to better fend off fleas making them less of a target.

Bathe Your Pets Frequently

This is a simple way to keep your pets healthy and flea free.

 Flea Comb

These fine-teethed combs are made for eliminating fleas from your pet. Doing so will also allow you to judge if a flea infestation is occuring, and if so, how severe the infestation is.

Garlic and Yeast

Add these ingrediants to your dog’s or pet’s meal. They are known to make your pet’s blood less desirable to fleas, keeping them away.

Black Walnut Hulls

These can be found in capsules and are also effective in keeping ticks and mosquitoes away. The addition of a supplement will take about a month before they become effective.

Herbal Shampoos

These are available in many forms including lavender, rosemary, and pine cedar. Be sure to lather up your pet’s head first to kill off those fleas jumping for higher ground from down below during bathes.

Electric and Sticky Pad Type Flea Traps

Avoid using the soap and water type if there are pets in your home.

(Avoid using essential oils on cats, due to metabolic sensitivities and toxicities that can occur.)

For Lawn and House

Vacuum Frequently

Vacuuming removes all four stages of the flea life cycle. It is important to place some kind of flea killing powder in the bag, and dump the bag outdoors after vacuuming to prevent reinfestation.

Flea Traps

They can be purchased or made with common household items. They generally consist of a heat source (light bulb) above and a sticky pad, or saucer filled with soapy water below. Fleas will jump towards the heat/light, and fall to their deaths below. Electric flea traps are also available for purchase.

Natural Pulvarized or Ground Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth products are fossilized skeletal remains of ancient plants called diatoms. They contains tiny particles with sharp spines that allow them to attach to and puncture fleas and other bugs, effectively killing them. There are many grades of diatomaceous earth products from food grade to pool grade. Be sure to avoid pool grade diatomaceous earth. You can apply the powder to cracks, crevices, and the hard to reach places around your house.

Natural Borax and Salt

This works by attaching to fleas and dehydrating them. You can apply these to cracks, crevices, and the hard to reach places around your house.

(Avoid exposing these powders to your pet. If you are uncomfortable with applying these powders to your home, another use is to put them into your vacuum bag before vacuuming. This will kill off whatever fleas you’ve vacuumed and prevent reinfestation.)


These are microscopic worms that feed on flea larvae. You can purchase these at pet and garden stores and place them in dark and moist areas around your lawn. Flea nematodes can effective reduce the flea population around your house with proper use.

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