What are Fleas?

Fleas are blood sucking insects that can feed on you, your dog, and on your family members. Within days to weeks, they can reproduce in the thousands and quickly turn your home into a pest infested feeding frenzy. Flea bites are extremely itchy and have even been known to transmit disease.

What are fleas

I know these facts all too well, as I am currently going through a battle with these pests. With all the flea bites that I have gotten along the way, knowledge on how to stop them was also obtained. This website was created to gather and share knowledge on flea infestations, flea control, flea bite remedies, and anything else dealing with these blood sucking bugs. My main goal is to prevent you from going through your very own flea nightmare!

My Flea Nightmare Story

Before the nightmare was a Sweet Dream. I just moved into a two story, four bedroom house in the Sunshine State of Florida. The house was surrounded by beautiful trees and a breeze from the beach just a couple miles away. Upon arriving, me and my roomates cleaned the house and moved everything in. After a days worth of work, we had a couple drinks to celebrate our beautiful new house and called it a night.

Upon waking up, I noticed a few itchy bug bites on my legs. I didn’t think much of it and quickly resumed the celebration from the night prior. The bug bites continued to increase through out the week, not only on me, but also on my roomates. The bug bites were mostly on our legs and were extremely itchy. They were much worst than the mosquito bites I’ve grew accustomed to and took much longer to resolve. What was just a couple bug bites in the beginning turned into something much worst. The bites continued to increase and eventually reached my entire body. Research was done on bed bugs, local mosquitos, spiders, and even cockroaches, with no questions answered. We became paranoid and our new dream house turned into a nightmare. We were unable to identify the culprit until I saw a possible suspect while camping out in the bathroom one afternoon.

There were a few small black bugs leaping from tile to tile, while making their way to… my ankles! I squished them with my fingers, but they could not be stopped. These invincible bugs continued to jump all around me thirsting for fresh blood. I ended up catching one and ran to my computer. After looking up pictures and reading descriptions of jumping black bugs that bite, I found the culprit. The Freddy Krueger, or Freddy Kruegers, of this nightmare were nastey, blood sucking fleas!

My first reaction was shock; we had no pets or history of pets in this house (that I knew of). The second reaction was how do I get rid of these pests?! Flea control became my top priority. We set up Flea traps, sprayed pesticides, and set off flea bombs; war was declared! It’s been several months and sad to say, the war has become one of attrition. The flea population decreases, but never extinguishes and the bites continue to haunt us. Though the fleas are still around, we have learned a great deal about fleas and flea control, and are on our way to finally making OUR house OUR house!

This website on fleas and flea control was created to help you avoid the flea nightmare I went through. If you are already in one, I hope this website can provide you with the resources necessary to get you out of your bad dream.

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